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A Bach cello journey: going 'walkabout'

After 5 years of studying in the United States at Northwestern University in Chicago and the renowned Juillard School in New York, Australian cellist, Richard Narroway, will return to his homeland to complete a project revolving around the Bach cello suites.

For four weeks in May and June of 2015, Narroway will travel around Australia performing and presenting the entire Bach Cello Suites in all kinds of spaces - including concert venues, schools, public markets, churches, and shopping malls - in an effort to spread the music of Bach via performance and education. Traveling with him will be a team of highly qualified sound recordists and videographers, who will work with Richard to put together a high-quality video recording of the suites as well as a documentary-style production of the journey. 

Inspired by the spiritual essence of the Aboriginal “walkabout”, Narroway considers this journey a unique endeavor - one that will offer an unprecedented opportunity to further build his relationship with the suites whilst at the same time allowing him to share the music with communities and schools around his home country through free masterclasses, presentations and outreach projects around Australia.

In addition, he will perform the complete suites in a series of concerts to be held in each city of his tour. Richard’s team will start in Darwin with a concert and masterclass at the Charles Darwin University in collaboration with the CDU Centre for Youth and Community Music. En route to Melbourne, they will stop in Alice Springs and her surrounding areas, where his focus will be on Aboriginal communities, as well as in Adelaide where he will gear his presentations toward youth orchestras and schools.

In Melbourne, the Australian Bach Society will organise similar events. Finally Richard will end his journey in his ‘home town’ Sydney, a final concert featuring the entire suites at the St. Andrew’s Cathedral in the CBD. 

Please visit his website for regular updates on the project:

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