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18 November 2018, 9am
at St John's Southgate. Conducted by Graham Lieschke with The Consort of Melbourne and St Johns Bach Orchestra 
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Sunday 18 November 2018, 9am
Cantata in Context talk, 8.30am

St John's Southgate
20 City Road
Southbank  [view Google Map]

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The Consort of Melbourne and St Johns Bach Orchestra 
Conducted by Graham Lieschke

Dr. Graham Lieschke directs a very special presentation of Bach's G Major Mass in its Liturgical Context. As part of the Bach Society Mini Festival 'Bach/Luther: Father and Son of the Reformation' 

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About the musicians

The Consort of Melbourne
The Consort of Melbourne is one of Melbourne's premier vocal ensembles, comprising eight of this city's finest chamber singers under the artistic direction of Steven Hodgson. Typically performing a capella (unaccompanied) with one singer per part, The Consort of Melbourne champions both historic and contemporary repertoire, bringing 1000 years of vocal music to life with an intimacy and verve that leaves audiences spellbound. Performances include celebrated masterpieces heard alongside lesser-known gems, exploring the full expressive potential of human voices combined. More details at www.theconsortofmelbourne.com.

St Johns Bach Orchestra
The St Johns Bach Orchestra draws on the pool of highly skilled period instrument players in Melbourne and Australia. It was formed under the directorship of Dr Graham Lieschke to support the Bach cantata program, and is now one of the most established period baroque instrumental orchestras in Melbourne.  Its core of regular players is joined from time-to-time by local and international visiting artists. Read more


In three thrilling concerts, the Australian Bach Society present Bach and Luther as Father and Son of the Reformation. Bach’s Four Lutheran Masses, conducted by Graham Abbott, provide a musically exquisite insight into all facets of Bach’s life: the undeniable genius, the devout Lutheran and the practical musician. The G Major Mass will then be heard in its intended Liturgical context, directed by Dr. Graham Lieschke. In stark contrast, Luther and his Lute vividly recreates the musical sound-world of Martin Luther’s lifetime. Luther was himself an avid musician and brought music back into the church. Indeed, it can be said, ‘Without Luther, there can be no Bach.’

"Music is an agreeable harmony for the honour of God and the permissible delights of the soul."– Johann Sebastian Bach

Concert 1: Bach's Four Lutheran Masses (BWV233-236)

The Consort of Melbourne and St Johns Bach Orchestra; conducted by Graham Abbott
Friday 16 November, 7.30pm, at Toorak Uniting Church

6.30pm Pre-concert Talk with Graham Abbott and Robert Macfarlane

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Concert 2: Bach's G Major Mass in Liturgical Context

Conducted by Graham Lieschke with Consort of Melbourne and St. John's Bach Orchestra
Sunday 18 November, 9am, at St. John's Southgate
Cantata in Context talk at 8.30am

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Concert 3: Luther and his Lute

Robert Macfarlane, Tenor and Rosemary Hodgson, Lute
Sunday 18 November, 3pm at XO Studios, Lincoln Street, Brunswick

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