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Medley Hall is the smallest residential college of the University of Melbourne.

The main building was originally called Benvenuta. It was completed in 1893 for Leah Abrahams, the widow of a small arms dealer. In 1925, Benvenuta was leased to the Commonwealth Government. Next, the mansion was converted into an Italian club, boasting a ballroom, orchestra and more. Benvenuta's ownership passed to the Italian Consulate prior to Italy’s participation in World War II.

After the war, Benvenuta was given to the University of Melbourne. Medley Hall was named in honour of Sir John Dudley Gibbs Medley, a previous Vice Chancellor of the University of Melbourne. The building was designed in an Italianate Victorian Baroque style by Walter Scott Law. Construction materials and craftsmen were imported from Italy. This includes stained glass and over 15 tonnes of marble and steel. It is richly decorated including miniature statuettes on the parapets.

48 Drummond Street
Carlton VIC 3053

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