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Friday  5 June 2015, 7pm
at the German Lutheran Trinity Church, East Melbourne
With Australian born cellist Richard Narroway

Richard’s comments about ‘Bringing Music to Life’

I am a cellist from Sydney, Australia just finishing up my Master of Music degree at the Juilliard School (New York). Before that I was at Northwestern for four years getting my Bachelor of Music degree. I have been working on this project over the last two years.  This upcoming May-June, I will be embarking on a tour around Australia performing and presenting the six Bach Cello Suites and six contemporary Australian composi-tions in an effort to spread the music through education and community engagement. I will be working with young students, elderly people in nursing homes and hospitals, as well as Dance for Parkinsons Australia, an organisation that helps those who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease through movement and music. This is strictly a non-profit venture, and so all donations will be used to cover the costs of putting the tour together and not for personal gain. Aside from the significance and beauty of performing all six suites around my home-land, my ultimate goal is to impact as many lives as I can, which is why I've entitled the project, "Bringing Music to Life." That might sound like a broad goal, but I have always felt a special affinity to Bach's music and style of writing and I deeply believe that his music can speak to anyone regardless of their age, culture or background. This is a unique opportunity to use my music to inspire the lives of countless people around me. There are three separate components to my ultimate goal: the national component (Australia), the artistic component (a recording of the suites) and the community en-agement component. Why Australia? Australia is my homeland, where my musical roots really began to flourish. It is also such a diverse country, full of beautiful landscapes, wildlife and natural surroundings. What better way to highlight the natural beauty and diversity of my homeland than to spend a few days in each city using my music to bring life to the community and the places around me? This is also a perfect opportunity to put the spotlight on some new, upcoming voices in Australia, which is why I have commissioned some of Australia's most promising composers to write short interludes that fit between each respective Bach suite, echoing fragments of material from each. 

Traveling with me will be a professional team of videographers, photographers and sound engineers who will help me document the journey and eventually produce a recording of all the music. The fact remains that there are only a handful of Bach cello suite recordings that are accessible to us, all of which have been recorded in a standard church or religious space. My goal, however, is to record each suite in a unique venue around Australia and then to make the eventual audio and video recordings accessible to people around the world!

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Richard Narroway: Bringing music to life

  • 15 06 RichardUluru
    Richard Narroway (cello) at Uluru, as part of his Australia Tour 'Bringing Music to Life' (June 2015)
  • 15 06 RichardOldMelbGaol
    6.6.15 Richard Narroway (cello) at the Old Melbourne Goal, as part of his Australia Tour 'Bringing Music to Life'
  • 15 06 RichardBlockArcade
    6.6.15 Richard Narroway (cello) at the Block Arcade in Melbourne, as part of his Australia Tour 'Bringing Music to Life'
  • 15 06 RichardUluru
  • 15 06 RichardOldMelbGaol
  • 15 06 RichardBlockArcade

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